The tale of the Turk: pt 1

"Meet me at the sunset point at 6"

I imagined it would be like our first rendezvous when we watched the sunset together while clinging onto each other, giggling like teenagers who could not be torn apart not caring who was watching us. Looking each other straight in the eyes, and not even needing words to describe what we were feeling. Thinking about nothing other than this very moment.

"Where are you? I'm coming now" he replied.

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Losing my balance

Sometimes our worst enemies sneak up on us when we least expect them to. You think that everything in your life is perfect, but then you take one step off the path and suddenly you’re lost in the depths of woods. Darkness falls, and you think that you will rise in the morning and find your way back shortly, but you don’t. You keep on venturing further and further into the dark. 

Where did it begin for me? Was it the day that I left the US to travel the world for the third time in a year? I was at the height of my happiness while visiting California, my favorite place on earth, for the first time in five years. I knew that was where I belonged— yet I left again for another unknown world, this time in the mystical, magical East.

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The crash

Everything starts off like the dream we expected it to be— riding on the back of a motorbike with a beautiful foreign man, beach hopping around the Mediterranean Sea, and making trusted friends from around the world. But there gets a point when instagramming your tan feet in the sand and crystal blue waters becomes no more than a show. 

After college, most people go off to build a career-- ideally one in the field they studied (which may not always be realistic for many of us). Nevertheless, it is expected that we begin to build something. Many people work hard throughout college and in the first few years after just to be given a shot to work in their industry. It may not always pay top dollar, but they’re living their dreams of working in the industry they've always dreamt of in the city that they love so much.

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