The tale of the Turk: pt 3

"What you want to eat?"

We were sitting in a restaurant-- presumably owned by one of his friends in the center of town. Nothing on the menu looked particularly appealing and I knew that I was paying for this on my own dime, not his.

How is this appropriate? We're both sweaty, dirty, and soaked from being out in the rain together and you know.... Plus he knows literally everybody in town. Half of these people were probably at his wedding, and they think it's totally normal for him to be sitting at dinner with some random American girl, and not at home with his wife?

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The tale of the Turk: pt 2

Grey storm clouds began to gather upon the top of the hill. I couldn’t bear the thought of such an intimate moment happening in public, so I had ventured farther up the road past the concession stands and at the popular sunset point upon the tallest hill in town.

“Where are you? I’m here”

I almost wanted to turn around and run, but I put myself in this situation this time around and besides, there was only one way down and I would have to pass him to get there.

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The tale of the Turk: pt 1

"Meet me at the sunset point at 6"

I imagined it would be like our first rendezvous when we watched the sunset together while clinging onto each other, giggling like teenagers who could not be torn apart not caring who was watching us. Looking each other straight in the eyes, and not even needing words to describe what we were feeling. Thinking about nothing other than this very moment.

"Where are you? I'm coming now" he replied.

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